We're here to help.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Call Physician Priority Link to reach Infection Control


Send emails to emergencyprep@cchmc.org (anticipate a response within 24 hours)

Who to contact for support Our Physician Liaisons serve as a connection between the medical center and community-based providers and their staff. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.

Lana Akers Dayton and Springboro, Ohio

513-593-7011 Lana.Akers@cchmc.org

Ellen Hosty East side of Cincinnati and central Ohio

513-218-8081 Ellen.Hosty@cchmc.org

Kim Hunt Central Cincinnati and the west side of Cincinnati

513-207-7503 Kimberly.Hunt@cchmc.org

Jessica Marischen Butler County, Ohio, and Indiana 513-708-0901 Jessica.Marischen@cchmc.org

Therese Martin Mason, Ohio area 513-284-5476 Therese.Martin@cchmc.org

Megan Schmutte Northern Kentucky and West Virginia 513-509-3686 Megan.Schmutte@cchmc.org

Chad Thorngate Western Kentucky, Northeast Indiana, Northwest Ohio 513-288-8969 Chad.Thorngate@cchmc.org